Secure, user friendly, tailormade
communication platforms for companies,
organisations and public institutions

You will get a communication platform customized for your desires and needs. Contact SamLink for a chat about your options and let us give you an offer you can't turn down.

Welcome to SamLink

We deliver exclusive social communication platforms for companies, organisations and public institusions that are secure, tailormade and user friendly.

SamLink is the communication platform of tomorrow, today.

SamLink combines the experience from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter with a range of new tools that will give buyers of SamLink greater freedom in design and customization and greater safety in user access and data security.

SamLink is a unique social network that operates independantly from other social networks, but it can also interact with them to the extent that is desired.

At SamLink we are always ready to have an open dialogue and work out the best solution for your needs together.


Companies that need to enhance communication and keep track of customers, business partners and employees can create a portal of the components that are essential to the business. We will provide the necessary guidance and support to make sure that the finished product has all the functionality it needs. Nothing is impossible and everything can be customized and expanded.


Unions and organisations can create a centralized archive with easy access to the right people. They can schedule events, share digital media, communicate online and much more. The product is tailormade to your desires and you will get an online place with easy access to all the tools your organisation requires. All ideas are welcome and we are happy to create special solutions because it is important to us that the final product fits your needs.

Public Institutions

Districts, counties and national departements can organize contacts, share experiences, files and documents, schedule meetings, cooperate with other divisions and refer citizens to specific sections with easy access to relevant information. A network of this type can be divided into many levels and organize administrative tasks, news, information and documentation, and keep everything up to date.